Mission and goals of SLA

The Slovenian Library Association (SLA, name in Slovenian: Zveza bibliotekarskih društev Slovenije – ZBDS) is a voluntary, non-governmental and non-profit professional association which joins library as well as other professional associations, legal persons governed by private law and individuals working in library and information fields in the Republic of Slovenia and abroad. Currently SLA comprises eight regional library associations (Ljubljana, Maribor, Celje, Koroška, Gorenjska, Pomurje, Primorska, Dolenjska) and unites over 1300 Slovenian librarians.

Associations and other entities have joined SLA in order to accelerate the development of library profession and services as well as to reinforce the position of librarianship in the society. They co-operate and co-ordinate their activities, discuss and resolve professional issues of common significance, participate in the development of library services, libraries and library system in Slovenia, and ensure professional integrity of library employees in Slovenia.

In its efforts, the Union aims to achieve the highest possible level of professional activities and to enable the development and protection of democratic principles of the wider social community.

The principal goals of SLA are:

  • to strengthen public image and reputation of librarians, libraries and library profession,
  • to represent social and professional interests of library professionals and to pursue their professional integrity,
  • to ensure the highest possible level of professionalism in librarianship,
  • to foster and encourage education and continuing professional training of librarians,
  • to improve the position and enhance the development of all types of libraries,
  • to foster free flow of information and encourage creation of conditions for free and equal access to information sources and information for all citizens,
  • to increase information literacy of Slovenian people
  • to spread awareness of the importance of the preservation of the Slovenian written cultural heritage.