Activities of SLA

In order to fulfil its mission and reach its goals, The Slovenian Library Association (SLA) performs the following activities:

  • informs its members of matters of common interest,
  • co-ordinates the work of its members, encourages their co-operation and joint public presentation,
  • monitors the implementation of professional recommendations, standards and norms, the Code of Ethics of Slovenian librarians and the Development of Slovenian Libraries and Librarianship Manifesto,
  • publishes professional publications,
  • organizes professional events and other forms of informal training for librarians,
  • co-operates with national and administrative bodies when resolving issues related to librarianship,
  • participates in preparation and adoption of acts and other regulations referring to librarianship,
  • collaborates with the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) and other related organizations and associations both in Slovenia and abroad,
  • conducts agreed joint activities.